We sell your preloved woman outfits

( we have carefully curated before )

in pop-up stores across London & Bordezaux & online.

We offer you a new shopping experience while defending

a more sustainable vision of the fashion industry.


Our Pop-up stores are not only meant

to invite you to dream about our new collection of carefully

selected gems.

We want them to be a place where each woman

will feel confident and empowered,

receiving bespoke advice on their best style. 


Everything started in november 2018 when we solved our main challenge :

HOW to combine our strong desire to move away

from the negative impact of an ever-growing fast fashion without

foregoing our constant crave for trendy

and stylish high quality outfits ?


This is how PRELOVED SELECTION was born!


By selling preloved and carefully curated women outfits in pop-up stores & pop-up on line, we could offer you a great shopping experience while promoting sustainability in fashion




 Co-founder & Operations Director



Co-founder & Artistic Director